quartzQuartz And Quartz Crystals

Quartz is a mineral that has many different names based upon the color. The name originated from the Greek word, Krustallos, which means, “ice”. Originally is was believed that colorless quartz was ice that had been turned into rock. (see Quartz Crystals)

Quartz is the primary ingredient of sand. Quartz is the second most common of all minerals, composed of silicon dioxide, or silica, SiO2. It is also the most varied in terms of varieties, colors and forms. This variety comes about because of the abundance and widespread distribution of quartz. A collector could easily have hundreds of quartz specimens and not have two that are the same due to the many broad categories. It is distributed all over the world as a constituent of rocks and in the form of pure deposits. Quartz is found in veins and nodules in sedimentary rock, chiefly limestone. Sandstone which is a sedimentary rock, is composed mainly of quartz.

Quartz crystals have a property known as the piezoelectric effect, that is, they produce an electric voltage when subjected to pressure along certain directions of the crystal. Because of this property, quartz crystal has important applications in the electronics industry for controlling the frequency of radio waves. It also has the optical property of rotating the plane of polarized light and is used in polarizing microscopes.

Quartz Collecting

Many people enjoy collecting Quartz crystals. Its abundance on the Earth's surface is incredible and produces some wonderful varieties that don't even look like the same mineral. A good collector must always be on top of the many varieties of quartz and it sometimes embarrasses a collector to have collected too many specimens of such a common mineral. But many collectors believe that you can never have enough quartz specimens.

The Spiritualist Collector

For the spiritualist collector, the color of the gemstone is indicative of the specialized power of the crystal quartz. 

For individuals that follow the spiritual belief that quartz crystals have a direct affect on the emotional well-being of a human being, the clear quartz is very important for spiritual communication. It is believed that the clear quartz amplifies thoughts and energies and puts the mind and body on a heightened awareness with the cosmos. Many spiritualists believe that this higher level allows them to interact with spirit guides, angels and in the recollection of past lives.

Rose Quartz

The rose quarts are viewed by many as the love stone. It is the one crystal used for all affairs of the heart. It has the ability to offer healing, protection, peace and to rebuild love in a damaged heart. It is also viewed as a crystal that balances both the positive and negative energies of the Yin and Yang. 

Clear Quartz

The clear quartz is also seen by many spiritualist as an energy manager, helping to transmit and receive energy and redirect the energy to where it is wanted. It is believed to hold all the elements of creation and the whole being or one entity. It is even believed to offer protection from negative energies and negative psychic attacks suffered by its owner. It has a cleansing property that cleanses an individuals aura and provides a great healing energy to one in need. 

Smoke Quartz

Smoke quartz is considered the crystal for the grounding and stabilizing a life. It is primarily used to connect people with their physical life and enhance the living of that life in a joyful state. It is believed to help people get rid of their emotional baggage and live free from the guilt and negativity that plaques their life. It is valued for its ability to protect you from unseen dangers, help to guide lost souls to their own inner guide for direction and to increase one’s ability to receive and understand their own dreams. 



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