opalA Gemstone That Includes A Rainbow

Opal has a history as rich in color as the stone itself. Opal has been a popular gem for many centuries and has a very interesting structure. The name opal is believed to have come from Sanskrit roots and means “precious stone”. While the gemstone opal is known for its variety of colorful basic stone, it is best known for the rainbow flashes that can be seen when refracting to an exterior light source.

Opal has no crystal structure, or a regular arrangement of atoms opal does possess a structure however. Arbitrary chains of silicon and oxygen are packed into extremely tiny spheres. These spheres in most Opals are very irregular in size and inconsistent in dilution. Yet in Precious Opal, the variety most often used to make jewelry, there are a lot of organized pockets of these spheres. These pockets contain spheres of approximately equal size and have a regular concentration, or configuration, of the spheres. This has the effect of diffracting light at various wavelengths, creating the colors. Each pocket produces a different color, with a different intensity depending upon the angle from which it is viewed. The multicolored flashes of light that Opal produces gives it a truly beautiful and valuable appearance.

Spiritualist Believe In The Healing Potential Of The Opal

The spiritualist believe that an opal is absorbent of the person who wears it, picking up the emotional nuances and energies, both positive and negative, and working with the cosmic laws of karma returns those emotions backing an even larger version. It is for this reason that many people do not wear this specific gemstone, fearing that their own negative energy will return to them in an amplified form. However, spiritual healers agree that the there is not better gemstone than the opal for emotional healing. Once the recognition of the problem is complete and the dedication to change the emotions has been made, the gemstone will magnify the positive and increase the return of positive energy. 

Many spiritualists find the beauty of nature and the wonder of the sky within the sparking colors of the opal gemstone; the rainbows, fireworks and lightning that exist in nature can also be seen in a brilliant opal. Many artists find the color flashes and immense emotional responses to this colorful gemstone to be very influential in their artwork, often believing to receive Divine inspiration from them.

History and Myths Of This Colorful Gemstone

The Romans loved the opal and it had considerable value within their culture. The Greeks believed that the opal was formed from the tears Zeus shed after his victory over the Titans. In India, it is believed that the Goddess of the rainbows has taken the image of this gemstone in order to be free from the unwanted romantic advances by the other Gods.

History Continues To Celebrate The Opal 

Leaving the mythological stories behind, the wealthy aristocracy also celebrated the opal as a stone to be cherished. Napoleon is said to have given Josephine a brilliant opal that contained red flashes. This gemstone was called, “The Burning Of Troy” and Napoleon enjoyed the references made by those around him that with a gift of this nature, and it showed the romantic belief by Napoleon that Josephine was in fact his “Helen”. R


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