Different Colors Of Onyx Gemstones

The Mythology And Lore Of The Midnight Stone

Spiritually speaking, this gemstone is considered a “grounding” stone that strengthens the connection between an individual and earth. Spiritualist believe that the onyx is a protective stone, guarding against insect and snake bites and offers protections during times of conflict. It is considered to be a defensive and magical stone.

This stone can be found worldwide but the most popular locations are in India and Brazil. Onyx is a chalcedony quartz that is mostly mined in Brazil, India, California and Uruguay. It has a fine texture and black color; however some onyx also displays white bands or ribbons against a black or brown background and this variety is known as sardonyx.

While the black onyx is still commonly found, it is not as prevalent as the color-banded versions. The black gemstone is symbolic of the midnight hour and is considered very influential in the spiritual world. 

Mythological stories tell of cupid clipping Venus’ fingernails while she was asleep, scattering them upon the ocean shores. The fates, observing what had happened, turned her fingernails to stone so that no part of her heavenly body would ever perish. Those stones became the black onyx stones that are very popular today. The term “onyx” is actually derived from the Greek work “onux” which means fingernail. 

What To Look For When Looking For Quality Onyx Gemstones

This black gemstone is very often used to contrast the color found in other gemstones. As in art, colors play best when contrasted with a dark background; this is also true with gemstones. Often, when shopping for onyx, you will many different gemstones in a combination setting. If you are searching for a solid onyx piece, your search may be a bit more difficult but no less beautiful.

Black Onyx

The black onyx is a beautiful gemstone that while affordable, lends a striking appearance of wealth to any setting. The black gemstone is often set in an alternating pattern with pearls so that the overall appearance is a striking white and black contrast.  It is often carved into cameos or set inlaid in jewelry boxes, the dark stone making a beautiful frame for carved artwork and accompanying other gemstones in the art piece. Most Black Onyx that is commercially available today is color enhanced (heated and dyed) to increase it's depth of color.

Sardonyx Is A white And Reddish Brown Version Of The Gemstone Onyx

Sardonyx is a white and rusty reddish brown version of the onyx gemstone family and is highly valued in Rome. It is a widely used choice when creating seals and rings that are used for the insignia seals made of wax. It is said that sardonyx does not stick to the wax and is therefore ideal for such a purpose. The Roman General, Publius Cornelius Scipio was very well known for his preference for the sardonyx stones in his jewelry.

Onyx is the also the Mystical birthstone for the month of December. It is also the birth stone for the Zodiac sign of Leo.


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