red-garnetThe Garnet Is A Glorious Gemstone

The garnet is most widely known as the red gemstone that is popular in jewelry. This gemstone, while abundant in the color red, is also available in many different colors such as green, shades of yellow, fiery orange and earth tones. The only color it is not available in is the popular blue shades that many people enjoy. 

Garnet, the January birthstone, derived its name from the Latin word granatus, meaning like a grain, which refers togreen-garnet the mode of occurrence wherein crystals resemble grains or seeds embedded in the matrix. Garnet is a family of minerals having similar physical and crystalline properties. They all have the same general chemical formula, where A can be calcium, magnesium, ferrous iron, or manganese, and B can be aluminum, ferric iron, or chromium, or in rare instances, titanium.

Garnet mines were recently discovered in Africa, a discovery that has been celebrated in the jewelry world. Recognized as a strong gemstone that is easy to work with, a stone that is beautiful in its natural or near natural state and is available in many different colors and hues makes this discovery a celebratory event.

Another reason to celebrate additional garnet mines is the fact that these stones are so abundant in their availability of the rarities such as the star garnets and the gemstones that color changes in response to the natural daylight and the artificial light indoors.

Garnet Mines and Mining
Listing Of United States Garnet Deposits

While the discovery of other gemstones seems to become more infrequent, the garnet mines continue to be discovered and offer additional colors and surprises. This is a celebratory event for jewelers who know the extent of the color options available to the customer but often lack the availability of the stones. With the new discoveries, the color diversity continues to increase in the overall market worldwide. Currently exported in abundance out of Africa, they are also mined in India, Russia and Central and South America.

There are many different names for gemstones that are classified under the title of garnet, such as almandine, andradite, hessonite, rhodolite and uvarovite to name just a few. The most popular is the red gemstone, but it would not be disappointing for a jewel collector to research the alternate choices. The many different colored stones on the market are often as equally striking as the well-known red garnet.

Hessonite is the variety name for a fine orange, cinnamon brown, or pinkish variety of grossularite, while tsavorite is the trade name for fine dark green grossularite. Melanite is a black titanium bearing variety of andradite and demantoid is a rich green variety. Malaya is a trade name for a pyrope-spessartite that varies in color from red, through shades of orange and brownish orange to peach and pink. Rhodolite is a purplish red pyrope-almandite solid solution garnet. Fine-quality pyrope garnets from Czechoslovakia are often called Bohemian garnets. Almandite and almandite-pyrope solid solution garnets are the best abrasive types, but andradite, grossularite, and pyrope also are used. All species of garnet have been used as gemstones.

The Folklore and History Of The Garnet

Today, this garnet is still recognized as a symbol of faith, truth and light; a reputation carried over from the myths and legends that surround it.In Scandinavian folklore and history, the deceased were buried with jewelry containing garnet gemstones, believed to light their passage into the next life.

The garnet is said to be a gemstone that can light up the night sky, many culture worldwide discuss the lighting capabilities of these gemstones.



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