emeralduncutThe Unmatched Beauty Of Emerald

Emerald is considered one of the rarest of all gemstones. Emerald is a gemstone that ranges in color from light to a deep green, called “emerald” green. But there is a form of reddish emerald from Utah. I don’t know if this considered a true Emerald

The emerald gemstone is often viewed by many as a symbol of prosperity. It was once considered a sign of the reproductive forces of nature or a sign of spring.

Emeralds Are Of The Beryl Family Of Minerals

Emeralds are green members of the popular beryl family oemeraldcutf minerals, and they are known for being the May birthstone and the traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary. The color of an emerald is largely responsible for its value, and in particular Colombian emeralds are considered as being among some of the world’s most beautiful and valuable, as they feature a rich grass-green coloring that is typically kissed with a subtle hint of blue.

What Makes A Good Emerald?

When shopping for emerald It is very important to remember the four C’s; color, cut, clarity and carat. This rule of thumb, is something that is more commonly used in the selection of diamonds and will help guarantee the selection of a quality gemstone. Shopping for almost any gemstone is easy if you follow these simple guidelines for success.

Cutting And Finishing

If cutting and finishing is not something you are equipped to do then, you must find a jeweler that you trust. If it is you can skip this section. Shopping for a jeweler is often as important as shopping for jewelry. There are a variety of different qualities of gemstones and treatment procedures; the opportunity for someone to be dishonest is very high. If you are dealing with a jeweler that does not appear to possess professional integrity, don’t spend your money at that location; you most likely will not get what you pay for.

The second important step is to do a bit of research on your own before you ever enter the jewelry store. Having a clear idea about the gemstones you are shopping for and the key points to watch for is really a wonderful way to make sure you get the exact gemstone that you want.

Know your four Cs-color, cut, clarity, and carat. While diamonds are most know for this type of classification shopping, it can be applied to gemstones as well. Knowing what you are looking for, how to evaluate the gemstone properly and understanding what the differences are will enhance the overall buying experience. It is important to note that color shade and saturation (the intensity of the gemstones color) are equally important when buying a gemstone. 

There should be many good books on Emerald and gemstone at you local library. Also check around as there are many amateurs like myself that are really good at this and would likely do it for free or for a small fee.

Popular Emerald Folklore’s

There are several beliefs and folklore’s that are placed on the emerald stone, and traditionally emeralds are thought to be able to enhance the clairvoyance of their wearers. They are also used to promote healing, to enhance love, contentment, and to inspire hope.

They are truly mesmerizing gemstones, and they have been held in incredibly high regard since as far back as ancient times. The distinctive green color of the emerald is the color of life and springtime, and as well the color worn to represent beauty, constant love, and wholeness.

It is the sparkling luminosity of this gemstone that is really makes it so unique, and while there are many good qualities about emeralds, including how their good hardness is able to protect them from scratches and wear, its brittleness and many fissures can make cutting, setting and cleaning rather difficult processes, more so than they should be.

That is why for the most part, today, they are enhanced with colorless oils or resins, not only to protect them and make the cutting, setting and cleaning processes easier to complete, but also to bring out their radiant beauty and brilliant color.

Synthetic Emeralds

Very high quality Emeralds are very rare, which makes the incentive for creating synthetic versions a market that has very high demand. It is important to be well versed in the creation process of synthetic emeralds before purchasing one. There are many different processes, scientific terminology’s and treatments used to create the synthetic emeralds. Take the time to be well educated in the process and maintenance of synthetic emeralds so you are not disappointed, as these can often be equally expensive to purchase.

Caring For Emerald Jewelry

Never clean emeralds in an ultrasonic bath, as the substances that may have been used by the cutter doing his work, or applied subsequently to that, are what seal the fine pores in the surface of the emerald gem, and this washing action may result in giving the stone a rather matte appearance, which is never wanted.



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