blue topazA Blue Topaz Is A Spectacular Stone

As you can see by the photo topaz comes in a variety of colors. The most famous topaz is actually a colorless topaz that was originally thought to be a diamond. It is a 1680 carat stone known as the "Braganza Diamond" set in the Portuguese Crown Jewels. Another beautiful topaz is in the Green Vault in Dresden which has one of the world's most important gem collections.

Topaz occurs in a wide range of colors including red, orange, peach, pink, gold, yellow, brown and clear and is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Russia. Naturally pale to medium blue topaz is enhanced by irradiation to produce a more intense blue color.

Red and pink topaz gemstones were popular and used in the jewelry for the 18th and 19th Century Russian Czarinas and is why topaz is sometimes called "Imperial Topaz".

Although topaz is a very hard gemstone, it can be split with a single blow and should be protected from hard knocks.

The blue topaz is made up of special crystals that have a brilliance that will last forever. A blue topaz might come from several different places around the world. Utah is the source of many splendid blue topaz stones that are used to make magnificent jewelry. Other blue topaz stones come from Afghanistan, Brazil, Japan and Sweden. Some of the most magnificent topaz stones are from Brazil. A blue topaz is a special color, but these gemstones also come in several different colors. 

Those looking for a brilliant topaz should shop around for the perfect blue color. These beautiful stones also make stunning jewelry when combined with other special stones including diamonds. These stones are brilliant, and they produce a sparkling sight on a ring finger or in a stunning necklace. Although the topaz is a spectacular stone, the price tag on these gems is much less than other gemstones such as diamonds. This stone has been prized through the ages, and the blue topaz will undoubtedly retain its value in the future because of the special appearance of the gem. 

Blue Topaz Legends

According to some mythological legends, a blue topaz can cheer up someone who is sad or depressed. Topaz has been a very popular stone for hundreds of years, and there are many mythical stories about these beautiful stones. This special stone is alleged to take away fear from people in a dark or dangerous situation. This beautiful stone is also known as the gemstone for people born during the month of November. Many topazes are found in a colorless state, but these can be made into blue stones through special procedures. 

Texas State Gemstone

The blue topaz is the gemstone of the great state of Texas so a topaz of this color would be the perfect gift for any woman from Texas. There is a special cut for people from the state of Texas.

A Blue Topaz Makes A Special Gift

Topaz is the birthstone of November (yellow topaz) and December (blue topaz), it is a talisman for the sign of Sagittarius and the suggested anniversary gemstone for the 4th, 19th or 23rd year of marriage.

A blue topaz is a brilliant stone that sparkles in the light, and it is a wonderful gift that is resilient and strong. Anyone looking for the perfect gift should consider one of these brilliant gemstones. The color is gorgeous, and these stones make wonderful jewelry. The color is spectacular when set with gold or silver. The topaz can make a stunning ring, but these stones also make great pendants, necklaces and bracelets. .


Blue Topaz

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