The Beautiful Black Onyx

Out of all the gemstones in the world, one of the most unique and beautiful is the black onyx. Most often the black onyx stone is linked to the planet Saturn, and it is actually considered as being one of the most powerful protection stones. It is believed that it protects the wearer by absorbing and transforming negative energy.

The black onyx is one of the very first grounding stones, one which encourages connection to material goals in particular and to determination to realizing them.


In order to be able to truly understand about the black onyx stone, you need to first understand about the actual onyx stone. Onyx is a crystalline form of quartz, and it is most typically cut into a cabochon, or into beads. The onyx is available in a variety of colors, including black however the onyx stones that feature the reddish brown color are the most preferred.

Black Onyx Care and Maintenance

When it comes to proper care of your black onyx stones, the most important thing to remember is that this stone material is not meant to be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner or cleaned with any type of abrasive or ammonia-based cleaner. You should always make sure that these stones are kept away from harsh chemicals, and use the proper cleanser when you do go to clean them.

Black onyx in particular really shines when used as a backdrop, and as well is ideal for carving. It is an incredibly popular stone in marcastite and other jewelry, and less expensive than many other types of stones.

Black Onyx Jewelry

If you are interested in finding black onyx jewelry, one jewelry store in particular you should check out is Kay Jewelers. They are a company that offers a highly trained and incredibly experienced sales team, excellent merchandise assortment and over 90 years of experience in the jewelry industry.

Besides onyx jewelry, they offer a variety of rings, necklaces and pendants, chains, earrings, bracelets and more, and all at incredibly competitive prices. They are now known as being the top specialty jewelry brand in the United States, and they know that offering fine jewelry at a great price is only part of the story.

There are many other options that you have here as well, and just remember, regardless of where you actually go to shop, that the process of buying jewelry is one on which you should input a significant amount of time and effort.


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