agate-photoThe Beauty Of Agate Comes From A Violent Eruption

We’ve all seen the images of a violent volcanic eruption and think of the destructive power of this natural phenomena, but one of the results of a volcanic eruption is rock. From this powerful eruption comes the creation of a many beautiful things like the gemstone which we call agates. Out of the molten mass of volcanic rock after it cools down, agates can be found. It is sometimes astonishing that something so very beautiful can emerge from something that seems so very violent.

There are many different types of agates from many different places. Some of these beautiful stones come from Mexico in a variety of colors. Many of these stones are used to make wonderful jewelry. The colors of Mexican agate include green, black, and reddish. Many agates have distinctive patterns woven throughout the gemstone. When cut and polished for jewelry, these stones are gorgeous, but the rocks that they come from are also beautiful before the process is begun. 

Agates have been treasures as gemstones for hundreds of years, and these magnificent stones are often mentioned in literature and mythology. The Greeks have used the beautiful stones to make very stunning jewelry for many, many years. The Greeks often use agates that are very pale beige or tan. In the Greeks shops and markets, a shopper can find many strands of agate beads that make wonderful gifts. The agates used in the jewelry found in the Greek shops are often imported from the island of Sicily for this very special jewelry.

Agates Have Been Used As Prized Jewels And Symbols For Centuries

Agates have been prized jewels for many centuries by people from different cultures around the world. These stones make great strands of beads as found in the Greek markets, but these also make wonderful rings and bracelets. The African country of Botswana produces special agates for jewelry as does the South American country of Brazil. The gemstones found in Mexico often have very distinctive colors that make great pieces of jewelry. Although most agates are found in foreign countries, there are beautiful Montana Moss Agate also found in the state of Montana.

Brilliant agate gemstones make wonderful jewelry, but some people believe that these stones have special powers. People of some cultures believe that these stones have powers to cure. Some people would use these stones to mitigate the effects of scorpion or snake bites. Others believe that these agates can protect them from lighting and thunder. The people of other cultures believe that these gemstones can make one a better public speaker while others believe that these gems can protect them from contagious diseases. These beautiful gemstones were once prized by warriors to bring them victory over their enemies.



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